01  and continues to pay me years later!


Dear Online Marketer,

RE: Simple Passive income

Updated For Monday, July 24, 2017

Are you feeling frustrated with your email conversions?

Fed up the lack of response from Facebook ads, or maybe that last shiny wso you bought that didn’t live up to expectations?

Still struggling to find that magic formula which will get your email flooded with Paypal notifications?

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to actually see some proof of a system before you actually went ahead and bought it?

And if that simple product was so straight forward to set up and implement that you could be set up and earning within hours from now would you want to see it?

Of course you would……right?

And if I told you that you don’t need a list, you don’t need the hassle of creating your own product, and you can do it with very little technical experience that would be the icing on the cake for sure.

Introducing .. My Simple Passive Income Formula

Here’s some examples of what this formula has done for me…


and another…


and even more


 I have blurred the vendors details to conform with jvzoo and WF tos but inside I will reveal everything!

By now you should have noticed there are no fancy graphics on here, no bells and whistles! That’s because I’m telling you like it is. I’m showing you the proof before you buy.

Before I show you that amazing formula I need to explain a little about how I found it.

I was like you, buying every wso that came along that promised me a road paved with gold, a new found income, a way to quit my day job and live happy ever after.


Well it’s time for a quick reality check – It’s not out there!

Nothing will come without time and effort on your behalf. The more you put in, the more you get out, you reap what you sow, you know what I’m saying?

This formula is no different in the respect that you need to take action and work with it to produce results but that’s where the similarity ends.


I know because I’ve tweaked it and tested it over the last 12 months, the payments are proof enough that this system can and will work for you if you are prepared to put the effort in at the beginning.

And the beauty of it is, that you can turn it on and forget about it, it works even when you don’t, its basic rinse and repeat stuff that you can turn to whenever you need extra cash for that holiday or your struggling to pay the bills next month.

And if you really wanted to take it further you could, it’s totally scalable. I’m not saying you could retire from this but you could easily make 10 or 20 times what I have if you are prepared to take action.

The truth is I never planned to release this, then the other morning I got a Paypal notification for $64 drop into my email.


It was a payment for an ad that I set up December last year! How cool is that?

That’s when I thought – This formula is awesome!

But don’t just take my word for it ….




Now I know what you’re thinking..

“If your formula is so good then why are you selling it so cheap?”

The answer is simple. It’s not always about the money! I enjoy helping others and by providing you with an easy way to generate a passive income that will put extra money in YOUR pocket, you are more likely to come back and buy from me again…..True?

Everyone knows that the Warrior Forum wso section is for great special offers right? Well that’s what exactly what you see before you here. A rare opportunity to grab something rather special for the short time its available – something so good it should be for restricted eyes only!

This is priced cheap enough for you to grab it with minimum outlay, but at a price that hopefully says that you will take action on what you learn.

It’s being strictly limited to serious action takers, like you. This isn’t sales patter or buy quick mentality, it’s the truth.

Fast Action Takers Special Introductory Price

My Simple Passive Income Formula

To sweeten the deal and make it even more of a no-­brainer, if you take action and click the buy now button below to download it, you will also be getting an awesome guarantee too…


This is our NO Strings Attached, 60 DAY Money Back Guarantee Even though we’re absolutely certain you’re going to be thrilled with your results from MY SIMPLE PASSIVE INCOME FORMULA, let’s put any lingering doubts you may have to rest, because you get a full 60 day money back guarantee.

Your Guarantee is simple. Download My Simple Passive Income Formula right Now. Put the secrets it gives you to work every way you can think of for the next 60 full days. Test drive it all as hard as you can. Put it through its paces to your heart’s content to make sure you’re fully satisfied. You’ll be thrilled with your results or get your money back!

Is that fair?

My Simple Passive Income Formula

You’re now just one easy download away. You really can discover the tactics and strategies that will empower you to earn an automated income without any product or list GUARANTEED.